Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have been doing some reading on participatory librarianship and started learning about makerspaces.  I've found some wonderful information, but writing an essay that incorporates all the links I've found isn't going to happen so instead I've created a new page on the blog to include them all.

This is a somewhat unorganized, scattershot of links I have found about makerspaces. Makerspaces comes from the idea of creating community common spaces where people can come together to share equipment and tools that would be out of financial/practical reach of individuals.  I think it may have originated with hackers and gamers (so cool), but I'm still learning.

The whole idea is about sharing, creating, creativity, and community.  That's what libraries do, isn't it?

Practically speaking building a wood/computer/electronics shop in the library basement with space for arts, crafts and 3D printing might not be practical.  But the idea has potential.

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