Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Review Friday: Revolutionary Summer

Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence is the latest historical offering by Pulitzer Prize winning author Joseph J. Ellis and he does not disappoint.
Ellis begins his narrative with the words,  " If you will grant a somewhat expansive definition of summer, then the summer of 1776 was the crescendo moment in American history."  Then in a concise narrative of 175 or so pages, he describes the five pivotal months from May to October of 1776 that changed the course of British and American history so completely.  From the drafting of the Declaration of Independence to the Battle for Brooklyn Heights the choices and actions of the key revolutionary players on both sides of the Atlantic set the stage for all that followed. 
The audio edition narrated by Stefan Rudnicki is outstanding.  His voice is compelling and he handles the material expertly.  On a personal note, between Ellis's prose and Rudnicki's delivery,  I found the audio too compelling for safety during my commute to and from work.  I became so engrossed I was a danger to myself and other motorists, so I opted to finish the book the old fashioned way.

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