Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't hate me because I'm weeding

Weeding ... deselection ... taking out the trash ... whatever you want to call it, some love it, some hate it, but it's a necessary function in the library.  Sometimes we get rid of materials because they're damaged, old, or falling apart.  Sometimes we get rid of things because they've become outdated.  And sometimes we get rid of materials because the shelves are full and we need to make room for new things.

A library is not a warehouse.  We can't keep everything.  Even the Library of Congress is having trouble keeping "everything." It just can't be done.  Careful weeding and maintenance of a library's collection keeps it current and relevant for the community it serves.  So librarians use their training, their experience, and their knowledge of their collections and their communities to keep the stacks filled with things that will be used.  There's no room on the shelves for books, movies, or music that just don't circulate.

So don't hate me because I'm weeding the collection, I'm making room for the good things to come.  And hey, I'm just doing my job.

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