Friday, August 14, 2015

Book Review Friday: The Buried Giant

The Buried Giant

By Kazuo Ishiguro

 After reading a great “conversation” between authors Kazuo Ishiguro and Neil Gaiman (you can find it here), I just had to read this book.  I loved it.  Not exactly a fantasy adventure, Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant is a work of literary fiction told with elements of fantasy and allegory.  This is the story of Axl and Beatrice, an elderly couple living in old Briton.  They set out on a journey to find their son, a son they only hazily remember, and on the way they have a variety of strange adventures and encounter several interesting characters including a Saxon warrior, an orphaned boy, and a knight each seeking his own path through the mists that cover the land.  Memories are uncovered and secrets are revealed as the paths of these five individuals converge.  This leisurely-paced, detailed book is a fascinating story of love, loss, and the tricks memory and time can play, all blended into a tale of dragons and ogres in the age of King Arthur. 

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