Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reading Wildly? What a great idea!!

I came across a great blog post by abby the librarian.  Abby is a youth services librarian in Indiana looking for ideas on how to get her staff to move from good readers' advisory to great readers' advisory.   Reading more seems to be the key.  We can only do so much with reviews and Novelist.  Really being able to talk about books involves reading them.

Several librarians commented on methods they are using at their libraries to encourage staff to read more.  Some are required to submit a book review to their library's blog each month.  Others do book talks at monthly staff meetings.  One suggested a genre reading plan organized by librarians down under in Australia called read watch play. Others post reviews on a shared Google doc.  Abby suggested organizing a program of "reading wildly" and encouraging her staff to read around the genres.  She's creating a Good Reads account and will ask staff members to create accounts also and record reviews there. 

My library doesn't have an organized plan for encouraging us to read more.  But I try to read a lot and post titles and some reviews to my Shelfari account.  This year I think it's time to step up the reading and especially to read more titles outside of my comfort zone.  I don't know about Horror, but perhaps some Chicklit, Urban Fiction, and Westerns? 

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