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Book Review Friday: Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

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Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

By Sofie Kelly

Published February 2011

First in the Magical Cats Mystery Series.
Kathleen Paulson decides to do something spontaneous, so she leaves her home and job in Boston and signs on as head librarian overseeing the renovating and refurbishing of the Mayville Heights Public Library in Minnesota.  Exploring the town one afternoon, Kathleen comes across an abandoned mansion that has become home to a colony of feral cats and two adorable kittens follow her home.  Hercules and Owen soon become part of Kathleen’s new family and when she becomes a person of interest in a local murder; her two feline friends prove there’s more to cats than meets the eye.

 Engaging and cozy with just a touch of magic, Sophie Kelly’s Curiosity Thrilled the Cat was a fun way to while away an afternoon or two. The mystery was intriguing and kept me guessing.  The cats were adorable.  Granted, you have to suspend disbelief to imagine a cat walking through solid objects, but anyone who’s ever owned a cat will know it’s not as farfetched as it sounds.  Mayville Heights is peopled with interesting characters you’ll want to get to know better.  Main character, and librarian, Kathleen Paulson is a like-able, strong willed animal lover, who’s only a little concerned about what the neighbors will say if they hear her talking to her cats.

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