Friday, January 9, 2015

Book Review Friday: The Outsmarting of Criminals

The Outsmarting of Criminals: A Mystery Introducing Miss Felicity Prim

By Steven Rigolosi

Published in 2014

After living and working in Manhattan for many years, Miss Felicity Prim is mugged. When she recovers from this traumatic experience she decides it’s time to retire and take up her lifelong dream.  Having steeped herself in the adventures of famous sleuths through the pages of her favorite books, Miss Prim feels she has what it takes to become an Outsmarter of Criminals.  She takes up residence in a quaint little cottage in Greenfield, Connecticut and soon becomes embroiled in the lives and secrets of her neighbors.  But all is not peaceful in Miss Prim’s world.  Her dear friend, Dolly Veerelf’s boyfriend is acting strangely.  Dr. Amos Poe, Miss Prim’s former employer has suddenly proposed marriage. And on her first night in her new home she discovers a corpse in the basement.

The Outsmarting of Criminals is a cozy, character-driven mystery with lots of fun, quirky characters in both Greenfield and Manhattan. Miss Prim is an engaging sleuth, an avid reader and a longtime student of human nature, who is something of a cross between Miss Marple and J. B. Fletcher. Her first outing as an Outsmarter of Criminals promises hints of many sequels to come.

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