Saturday, March 28, 2015

Book Review Friday: I Think I Love You

I Think I Love You
By Allison Pearson

It's 1974 and Petra is absolutely in love with David and is sure she's going to marry him one day.  The only problem is Petra is 13 and David is 70s pop star David Cassidy.  I Think I Love You tells the story of young Petra and her girlfriends' obsession with David and all the trials and tribulations of adolescence, first love, and growing up.  The second half of the story sees Petra all grown up with a daughter of her own, still trying to navigate life and make it all make sense.  This was a great coming of age story.  Pearson absolutely nails growing up in the 1970s.  And Petra's struggles with her friends and her parents will ring true for any woman of any age.

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